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Metaphysical meaning of Jashen (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jashen (mbd)
Jashen, j a'-shen (Heb.)--listless; weary; sleeping; dry; old, i. e., of former times, not new; quiet; tranquil; shining; brightness.

His "sons" are mentioned as being among David's mighty men, and belonging to his guard (II Sam. 23:32). In I Chronicles 11:34 he is called Hashem the Gizonite.

Meta. A phase of seeming inactivity and rest (sleeping) into which the consciousness enters when it has attained a step in understanding of which it had not been conscious. This phase of apparent inactivity lasts until the inner urge of Spirit pushes the consciousness on to further steps in understanding and attainment. Shining, a meaning of Jashen, shows how Truth cannot be really inactive, but constantly radiates its light. (See HASHEM and GIZONITE.)

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