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Metaphysical meaning of Jarib (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jarib (mbd)
Jarib, ja'-rib (Heb.)--striver; contender; defender; avenger; adversary; enemy.

a Son of Simeon (I Chron. 4:24). In Genesis 46:10 he is called Jachin. b A chief man of the Hebrews, whom Ezra sent for when he was getting a company of people together to return to Jerusalem from Babylon (Ezra 8:16). c The son of a priest, who had married a "foreign" wife but consented to put her away (Ezra 10:18).

Meta. The personal thought entering into the sincere desire of the individual for more light and for more freedom from seeming error.

When we let the personal element influence our earnest desire for Truth and good, a mental striving is set into action that is likely to result in contention, strife, and force. This is the adversary and does not belong to true spiritual understanding or to successful seeking for victory over error. Yet we are prone to let ourselves get into a contentious, adverse frame of mind by allowing the personal to dominate our zeal for that which is good and right. We must guard against this and must seek the love and the true Christ judgment and power that are ever gentle, yet firm, irresistible, and abiding.

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