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Metaphysical meaning of Jarha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jarha (mbd)
Jarha, jär'-hå (Heb.)--increasing moon; filling moon; adoption.

A servant of Sheshan, an Israelite. Sheshan had no sons and so his genealogy was preserved through his daughter, who married Jarha (I Chron. 2:34, 35).

Meta. An obscure, darkened (Egyptian) thought force lifted to a degree of understanding of Truth that, though a reflected understanding (increasing moon, moon referring to the reflected light of the intellect), brings this seemingly obscure, darkened thought (Jarha) into the Israelite consciousness (adoption) and into union with an Israelitess, a true inner soul desire for a more positive expression of Truth (Ahlai, daughter of Sheshan). Through this union other steps are taken that lead to the full expression and demonstration of good that is desired. (See ATTAI, son of Jarha and Ahlai.)

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