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Metaphysical meaning of Jachin (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jachin (mbd)
Jachin, ja'-chin (Heb.)--whom He (God) makes firm; He will set upright; He shall establish; founding; strengthening.

a Son of Simeon (Gen. 46:10). b A pillar at the right side of the porch of the Temple (I Kings 7:21). c A priest who dwelt in Jerusalem after the Captivity (I Chron. 9:10). d A priest to whom was allotted the twenty-first course in Temple service, in David's reign (I Chron. 24:17). Simeon's son Jachin is called Jarib in I Chronicles 4:24.

Meta. The firmness, loyalty, steadfastness, and strength of character that result from the establishment of the consciousness in Truth--God, Spirit. The way is opened for this by a state of mind that is receptive and obedient to the things of Spirit (Simeon represents this receptive, obedient phase of mind).

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