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Metaphysical meaning of Ithra (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ithra (mbd)
Ithra, ith'-rå (Heb.)--redundance; abundance-more than enough; excellence; preeminent; residue; that which is left over; surplus; ample.

Father of Amasa. He was evidently an Ishmaelite, though in the text he is called an Israelite (II Sam. 17:25, see margin also); in I Chronicles 2:17 he is called "Jether the Ishmaelite."

Meta. Ishmaelites are descendants of Ishmael, and signify thoughts that are the fruit of the personal or mortal in man. Ithra, however, meaning excellence, preeminent, redundance, surplus, is a prominent thought belonging to the Ishmael consciousness in man, or springing from this consciousness seemingly; but because of its great superiority over its fellow thoughts, because of its excellence, its true worth, and abundant substance that even surpasses its need, it becomes classed with the true spiritual thoughts (Israelites). It enters into a union with the phase of the soul that signifies that joy comes from God; it enters into the realization of divine joy (Ithra married David's sister Abigail, meaning father of joy). Joy and abundance are always closely associated. The joyful soul is the abundantly wealthy soul, in the truest significance of substance and wealth.

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