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Metaphysical meaning of Hushai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hushai (mbd)
Hushai, hu'-shai (Heb.)-- hasty; quick; rapid; vehement emotion; arduous passion; eager appetite; feverish lust; animal heat.

"The Archite," a friend of David's, who went to Absalom when that young man had rebelled against his father David and was trying to take the throne. Hushai gave Absalom unwise counsel purposely to lead to his defeat, which it did (II Sam. 15:32; 16:16-18; 17:5-15).

Meta. At this time David's love for physical beauty without spiritual understanding, which was illustrated in Absalom, had brought him into trouble. Metaphysically interpreted, this would refer to a time when we let our affections for the physical forms of life take up our whole attention to the exclusion of Spirit and to a disregard of divine law. In order to get back into spiritual consciousness we sometimes enlist the help of our friends, or higher thoughts of the outer man. They can meet other thoughts on the physical plane in theirHYMENÆUSown manner, and so make a way for love (David) to return to its own place of rulership. Hushai represents the swift activity with which one of these outer thoughts carries out instructions of the ruling love ego (David). (See HUSHAH.)

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