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Metaphysical meaning of Hobah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hobah (mbd)
Hobah, ho'-bah (Heb.)--hiding place; lurking place; place of concealment; hidden; concealed; covered; befriended; cherished.

A place north of Damascus. It was to this place that Abram pursued those who took Lot captive (Gen. 14:15).

Meta. Natural man's belief that he is material. This belief is established deep within the subconscious mind, and is a hiding place or lurking place for the error thoughts and activities that are symbolized by the kings and their followers who took Lot captive and whom Abram pursued.

The sense life, with its carnal desires, can never be fully overcome until we put away all belief in materiality. We must know through and through that our whole being, including the body, is not material but is spiritual, before we can begin really to gain complete dominion over the carnal in us, which tends to death and corruption. It is by sowing to Spirit that we reap eternal life.

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