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Metaphysical meaning of Hobaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hobaiah (mbd)
Hobaiah (A.V., Habaiah), ho-ba'-iah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah hides; Jah is protection; Jehovah's concealment; beloved of Jehovah; the Lord covers.

His "children" were among the priests who returned from the Babylonian captivity, but because they could not prove their genealogy they were deemed polluted and were put out of the priesthood (Neh. 7:63). In Ezra 2:61 he is called Habaiah.

Meta. Gaining spiritual protection for our higher ideals by hiding their true nature from the more established religious intellectual beliefs.

Our higher and more spiritual thoughts that really belong to the priesthood cannot, at a certain stage of our unfoldment, always make their spiritual origin (genealogy) understood by the more intellectual religious ruling thoughts that are established in ritualism and outer observance of the letter of the law; hence they are ignored by the ritualistic beliefs. This is really a protection to them and gives them an opportunity to grow in Truth unobserved until they become ready to take their true place as ministers to the more formal and intellectual religious thoughts (Jewish people) in the body (Temple).

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