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Metaphysical meaning of Helam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Helam (mbd)
Helam, he'-lam (Heb.)--great strength; might; large army; fortress; great ability; substance; abundance; integrity; virtue.

A place where David fought and defeated the Syrians (II Sam. 10:16).

Meta. A strongly fortified place in consciousness where there is much substance. It is a unification of the substance and strength ideas. The host of Hadarezer, with Shobach as their captain, came to this place to fight against Israel; they expected to utilize the substance and strength that Helam signifies, to build up and expand the sense consciousness (Syrians), that they might overcome what were, to them, foolish ideas of the true religious and spiritual beliefs (Israelites). The "host of Hadarezer," the Syrians, took it for granted that all the strength, power, and substance were on their side; but they were defeated and put to utter rout. They then made peace with the Israelites and served them. Thus even the sense reasonings of man (Syrians) may be used by his higher intelligence to serve him in constructive ways for the upbuilding of his hold on Truth when he reaches a stage of development wherein he realizes the power and richness of his true insight into spiritual things, through the inspiration of Spirit.

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