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Metaphysical meaning of Shobach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shobach (mbd)
Shobach, sho'-bah (Heb.)--poured out; profusely expended; copiously extended- exhausted; weakened.

Captain of the host of Hadarezer, king of Syria. David defeated this host at Helam, and Shobach was killed (II Sam. 10:16, 18). He is called Shophach in I Chronicles 19:16.

Meta. The dissipation of one's mental and bodily forces by unwise and riotous expression in thinking, talking, and acting (poured out, profusely expended, copiously extended); also the result of this dissipation or lack of righteous conservation. This result is exhaustion, lack of strength, lack of substance, lack of executive ability (exhausted, weakened).

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