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Metaphysical meaning of great supper (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of great supper (mbd)
great supper, of Luke 14:15-24.

Meta. The feast of the pure substance of Spirit ever accessible to the individual. Before one can partake fully of the substance of Spirit there must be a willingness to turn the attention to the ideas of Spirit, to the exclusion of all outer attractions.

Having turned our attention to the invisible substance, we move upon it with our thoughts and words of Truth, in faith believing that our words are instantly fulfilled (filled full) in Spirit.

The "servants" (Luke 14:17) that are sent forth are desires. They bid us come to the ever ready fullness of Spirit mind.

The "field" of Luke 14:18 is the belief in the reality of matter and material things, which keeps one from the consciousness of the real substance, which is spiritual.

The "five yoke of oxen" (Luke 14:19) symbolize the dependence of man on the strength of the five senses for his satisfaction.

Marrying a wife (Luke 14:20) is to center the affections on the things of the without, thus becoming lost in personal love.

We may excuse ourselves from the spiritual feast by pleading the pressing demands of the outer world, but this will not relieve us from the effects of our failure to observe the law. We are spiritual beings first, last, and always. If we do not feed our soul we must not be surprised if it absorbs the medley of thoughts nearest at hand in the subconsciousness. If we do not invite the flow of the pure substance of Spirit into consciousness, the discordant thoughts of the subconsciousness or race thought come in and feast on the natural life and substance of the organism, thus depleting the vitality.

Soul starvation and nerve prostration go hand in hand. When you feel a nervous tension, you may know that your soul is starving, and if you do not feed it the poor and the lame and the blind will be your portion. There must be a constant communion with Spirit, through true ideas, prayer, meditation, and words. In this way union is made with the indwelling substance and the soul is fed and satisfied with the abundance of good.

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