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Metaphysical meaning of Gozan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gozan (mbd)
Gozan, go'-zan (Heb.)--quarry; benefaction; dole; portion; fleece.

A political division of Assyria, in Media (II Kings 17:6). It was one of the places to which the captive Israelites were taken by the king of Assyria.

Meta. The promise of the intellect to man's highest religious and spiritual thoughts (Israelites) that in the outer reasonings of the sense mind there is sufficient sustenance and good (benefaction) for the whole man, that Spirit is not needed. When man's higher ideals, however, are given over to the rule of the ego governing the outer sense reasonings (the Assyrian king), they are not really fed at all; they are instead stripped of their substance (fleece, one meaning of fleece being the wool shorn from sheep). Thus the sheep, the true thoughts of man, find that when they ask bread they are given a very unsatisfactory portion, a stone (quarry suggests stone). (See Matthew 7:9; also Jeremiah 23:1-4 and Ezekiel 34.)

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