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Metaphysical meaning of Ephes-dammim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ephes-dammim (mbd)
Ephes-dammim, e'-phes-dam'-m;m (Heb.)--end of bloodshed; limit of blood; boundary of blood.

A place between Socoh and Azekah, where the Philistines gathered together to fight against Israel (I Sam. 17:1). It was there that Goliath was killed by David. Ephes-dammim is the same place as the Pas-dammim of I Chronicles 11: 13.

Meta. Ephes-dammim bespeaks the end of warring thoughts and beliefs, the end of thoughts of strife and bloodshed, and the end of the error idea that life is material and limited (end of bloodshed, limit of blood, boundary of blood). As the consciousness is thus purified, as it is set free from the hordes of sense beliefs, material thoughts and fears (Philistines that had gathered together in battle against the Israelites), it learns the truth that life is spiritual, unlimited, and always present in fullness.

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