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Metaphysical meaning of Azekah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Azekah (mbd)
Azekah, a-ze'-kah (Heb.)--dug over; harrowed; tilled; broken up; loosened.

a A city of Judah in the land of Canaan. It was a place where the Amorites were slain by Joshua and by great stones that Jehovah cast down from heaven upon them. More Amorites were slain by the hailstones than by the Israelites, we are told (Josh. 10:10, 11). (See also I Sam. 17:1 and Jer. 34:7.)

Meta. A certain degree of cultivation or refinement of thought (dug over, harrowed, tilled) that has taken place in the individual. This refinement of thought opens the way for a purification in consciousness, which in turn brings about a disruption of amicable relations with the carnal thoughts (Amorites) that were hitherto in control there; it also makes possible the casting out and destroying of these error thoughts, all the way from Gibeon (hill, height a high illumined state of consciousness; to Azekah (to the degree of cultivation, refinement, and purification, hence spiritualization, of thought that Azekah symbolizes) .

The great stones that Jehovah cast down from heaven upon the Amorites symbolize the working of the divine law (Jehovah, or Lord) in bringing about very hard conditions. While the law is of heaven, of righteousness and harmony, and brings life and peace to those who live in accord with it, it reacts destructively upon thoughts, desires, and practices that are adverse to the real good of the individual. Error really brings destruction upon itself; by recognizing and using our I AM authority and dominion (represented by Joshua) we assist in cleansing from our consciousness the errors that hinder us from reaching the goal of perfection that is our divine inheritance.

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