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Metaphysical meaning of Eglon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eglon (mbd)
Eglon, eg'-lon (Heb.)--young bullock; calflike; round; rolling; a threshing drag; an oxcart; a war chariot.

a A king of Moab who, with the help of the Ammonites and the Amalekites, overcame the Israelites and held them in subjection for some years; this was because of Israel's sins in serving the gods of the heathen nations about them (Judg. 3:12-25). b The city of Debir, a king in Canaan who was defeated by Joshua (Josh. 10:3); this city was allotted to Judah (Josh. 15:39),

Meta. A ruling thought belonging to the animal phase of consciousness in the natural man, especially pertaining to physical strength. But this thought does not get the individual advancement, in so far as true unfoldment and growth are concerned. Sensate thought goes round and round aimlessly, drifting with the tide of race thought and belief, guided by the emotions, with no definite purpose (young bullock, calflike, round, rolling, a threshing drag, an oxcart, a war chariot).

The city of Eglon signifies a subconscious state of thought whose central idea is strength (see DEBIR, king of Eglon, in connection with this). A lifting up of the idea of strength takes place when this city comes into the possession of Judah.

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