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Metaphysical meaning of Debir (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Debir (mbd)
Debir, de'-bir (Heb.)--the innermost part of the temple; sanctuary; place of oracles; speech; oracle; word.

a An Amoritish king of Eglon who was defeated and slain by Joshua (Josh. I0:3). b A city of Judah Josh. 15:7) that is also called Kiriath-sannah (Josh. 5:49) and Kiriath-sepher (Judg. 1:11). c Another place by this name was allotted to Gad (Josh. 13:2).

Meta. Debir, in its highest significance, is the secret place within the very center of man's being, the holy of holies where God dwells, where we can commune with Him. It also refers to the Christ, or Christ mind, which is the Word and from which we receive our revelations of Truth. Kiriath-sepher means city of instruction, city of books, and so this city is a center of learning, a place where understanding is attained, and it is very sacred.

When the cities named Debir belong to the Canaanites, they signify that state of mind in which man is ignorant of the true Source of inspiration and Truth: when he is in this unawakened consciousness man deifies, as it were, human methods of learning--he worships the created instead of the Creator; outer effects and methods instead of the one Source.

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