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Metaphysical meaning of bullock (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of bullock (mbd)
bullock; burnt offerings.

Meta. The bullock represents the animal life of the organism; the wood represents the corporeal substance. Pouring the water upon these represents denial of the sense appearance in order that the real character may be uncovered (I Kings 18:33) .

In the regeneration all the animal forces and their manifestations on the natural plane must be transmuted into spiritual consciousness. This is the inner meaning of the ceremonial offerings of the Children of Israel.

The burnt offering of I Samuel 7:9-10 signifies a transmutation process. The sensual propensities go through the refiner's fire, through which action the outer consciousness is lifted into the purity and the life of Spirit.

Solomon presented "burnt-offerings" to Jehovah; these burnt offerings to Jehovah denote a conscious giving up of the sense life, that the spiritual may be gained. The prayer for the things of Spirit and a willingness to give up all thoughts of carnality transmute or burn up the beasts of the body (I Kings 3:4).

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