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Metaphysical meaning of Dodanim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dodanim (mbd)
Dodanim, dod'-a-n;m (Heb.)--covenanters; confederates; the elect; civilized; lovable; beloved; sympathetic; pleasing.

According to Genesis 10:4, a son of Javan and grandson of Japheth, Noah's son; he is called Rodanim in I Chronicles 1:7.

Meta. Unifying thoughts (covenanters, confederates) of a very excellent character (the elect, civilized, pleasing) that belong to the intellect in man. Japheth, the second son of Noah, typifies the intellect, or reason. (See JAPHETH.) Javan, the father of Dodanim, also belongs to the intellect. Fallows says of Javan, "The interest connected with his name arises from his being the supposed progenitor of the original settlers in Greece and its isles.... Javan was evidently the name given by the Hebrews to Greece." This name is connected in history with the Grecians and the Syrians, and these peoples are symbolical of different phases of the intellectual in man, in its spiritually unillumined state.

While the intellect is prized very highly (beloved) by one who is just rising above the purely physical, and is far in advance of that phase of consciousness, yet its greatest degree of comprehension is much less than spiritual understanding. This is because intellectual reasoning is based on outer seeming, while spiritual understanding is founded on Truth. When the intellect is quickened and illumined by Spirit, it expresses in the highest and truest way, since it reasons then from the standpoint of Divine Mind, Principle.

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