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Metaphysical meaning of temptation (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of temptation (rw)
temptation--A proving, testing, or trying. The temptations in the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-11) represent the desires and ambitions of the untried and untrained forces in the subconsciousness. When in the wilderness, Jesus was tempted by the Adversary, or personality; but with His superior understanding, He withstood the deceptive promises made to Him. When the personality suggested that Jesus make matter out of substance, use His power to rule over others, or do other marvelous things to prove His mastery, He said to the satanic personality, "Get thee hence, Satan."

That the temptations in the wilderness were not physical is quite evident, because there was no mountain from which all the kingdoms of the earth could be seen, nor was there a temple in the wilderness to which the Adversary could have taken Jesus. All these, and many more, including the royal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem riding on an ass, are allegorical representations of the way in which certain states of mind are handled by the initiate.

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