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Metaphysical meaning of Dibri (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dibri (mbd)
Dibri, dib'-rl (Heb.)--fluent speech; eloquent; orator; discourse with reason.

A man of the tribe of Dan (Lev. 24: 11). Dibri's daughter, Shelomith, became the wife of an Egyptian; her son cursed God and was stoned to death by the Israelites for the sin.

Meta. The intellectual ability to express oneself freely and forcibly, with conviction and power (fluent speech, eloquent, orator, discourse with reason).

The ability to express oneself freely and persuasively in thought and word that Dibri signifies is of the intellect. The exercise of that ability brings forth a soul quality (daughter) that becomes unified with the darkened thought for which an Egyptian stands, an unwise and destructive use of the ability to express oneself results; this is the son who blasphemed and was stoned to death. One must remain consciously unified with the Highest, that one's intellect may be illumined by Spirit and one's God-given faculties and powers may be used always in constructive ways.

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