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Metaphysical meaning of Didymus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Didymus (mbd)
Didymus, did'-y-mus (Gk.)--twofold; double; twain; twin.

The surname of the apostle Thomas (John 20:24). This name infers that Thomas was a twin; instead of Thomas Didymus, we would say, Thomas the twin.

Meta. Thomas, or Didymus, both names having the same meaning, was the disciple of Jesus Christ who represents the faculty of reason or intellectual understanding. He does not signify spiritual understanding, else he would have comprehended Jesus' teaching and would not have had to receive the outer assurances and explanations that he was always demanding. He would have known and would not have doubted, had he represented spiritual understanding instead of understanding from a more human and limited standpoint. (See THOMAS.)

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