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Metaphysical meaning of Kiriath-sannah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kiriath-sannah (mbd)
Kiriath-sannah (A. V., Kirjath-sannah), kir'-i-ath-san'-nah (Heb.)--city of palm branch; city of palms; bristling city; city of broom; clean city.

A city in the hill country of Judah. It is the same city as Debir (Josh. 15:49) and Kiriath-sepher.

Meta. The central idea of the group of thoughts that Kiriath-sannah signifies is cleanliness, purity, victory over that which is impure and unclean, over that which is of a divided mind, by casting out the seeming error (city of palm branch, city of broom, city of palms, bristling city). (See KIRIATH--SEPHER and DEBIR.)

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