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Metaphysical meaning of Damaris (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Damaris (mbd)
Damaris, dam'-a-rls (Gk.)--tamed; yoked together; joined; a wife; a spouse; a betrothed young woman; a heifer.

A woman in Athens who accepted Paul's teaching at the Areopagus, or Mars' Hill (Acts 17:34).

Meta. The soul in its relation to the intellect (Athens symbolizes the intellect, and a woman refers to the soul). The soul is more closely unified (wife, joined) with our intellectual thoughts and activities than most persons realize. When we think that we have reasoned a thing out entirely with our head, and that we are acting altogether from a reasoning standpoint, it would surprise us if we could see how much we have been guided all along by the intuitions, affections, emotions, and desires of the soul. Young woman and heifer give the idea of inexperience. Heifer also signifies that Damaris here stands for the animal phase of the soul's strength, but, since it has become receptive to the Truth as taught by Paul, it will be raised to higher and more spiritual expression.

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