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Metaphysical meaning of Dalphon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dalphon (mbd)
Dalphon, dal'-phon (Heb.)--dropping; dripping; leaking, particularly from the roof; flowing copiously; tears.

One of the ten sons of Haman. He was killed by the Jews (Esth. 9:7).

Meta. Hanman, the Jews' enemy, was an Agagite. The Agagites were descendants of Agag, who represents the Adversary in individual consciousness. Dalphon signifies a thought tendency that is very leaky (dropping, dripping, leaking), and not at all steadfast; it is very sympathetic in its nature, with a weak, human sympathy (flowing copiously, tears) that is of a destructive character. It belongs to the adverse, and it works against the higher or spiritual thoughts and activities of man's being (represented by the Jews).

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