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Metaphysical meaning of Areopagus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Areopagus (mbd)
Areopagus, ar-e-op'-a-gus (Gk.)--Mars' Hill; the hill of Ares or Mars.

Areopagus, or Mars' Hill, was a rocky hill in Athens, near the center of the city; on this hill the court of justice was held (Acts 17:19-34; see margin also) .

Meta. A hill always represents a high place in consciousness, and in this instance it symbolizes the intellectual phase of thought in man, since Athens was the center of intellectual learning in the then known world. The council of Areopagus was also known as "the Council on Mars' Hill," or the "Upper Council." This court of justice represents the place in consciousness where the different aggregations of thought forces receive a hearing and (according to the light manifested in consciousness) righteous judgment. (See AREOPAGITE.)

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