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Metaphysical meaning of Cyprus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cyprus (mbd)
Cyprus, çy'-prus (Gk.)--a measure of corn; fairness.

One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea (Acts 13:4). Being very close to Egypt, Asia Minor, and Phoenicia, it was a great commercial center. Its land was very fertile; its forests abounded in lumber, and it was rich in minerals also. It was settled first by Phoenicians, but at this time many Jews were there, and people of other nationalities. Christianity was established there very early too.

Meta. A fair, frank, honest, just, unbiased state of mind (fairness) established in a degree of substance (a measure of corn); thus it draws to one very favorable and desirable conditions. This state of consciousness that Cyprus signifies is not truly spiritual, however; it needs to become established in Truth in order to bring forth fruit that is abiding. (See cos.) Barnabas was a native of Cyprus (Acts 4:36), and Cyprus in the individual consciousness is in close touch with intellectual reasonings (the Greeks) and formulated theology (Antioch). (See BARNABAS.)

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