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Metaphysical meaning of Cyrene (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cyrene (mbd)
Cyrene, çy-re'-ne (Gk.)--wall; coldness.

A city in northern Africa (Mark 15:21; Acts 2:10). It was settled formerly by Greeks, but later the Jews formed a large percentage of its population. There were so many Cyrenian Jews in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and the apostles that they had a synagogue of their own there.

Meta. A fixed (wall) state of thought that has been founded in intellectual reasonings (Greeks) and has been built up and strengthened further by old, established, formal religious ideas (Jews). This thought center pertains to the sensual rather than to the spiritual in us, and needs to be thoroughly imbued with the Christ understanding, love, and Truth, that all coldness and hardness may be overcome.

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