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Metaphysical meaning of Antioch (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Antioch (mbd)
Antioch, an'-t;-och (Gk.)--withstanding; lasting; speedy as a chariot.

a The capital of Syria until Syria was overcome by the Romans and made a Roman province. b A city in Pisidia of Asia Minor (Acts 11:19; 13:1, 14).

Meta. Formulated theology. This state of mind must be Christianized thoroughly. Our ideas of God and of man's relation to God must undergo a great change before we can begin uplifting and unifying the whole man--spirit, soul, and body--in life. The apostles did much teaching and preaching in Antioch (Acts 11:26).

In Acts 14:8-20 the formulated theology that Antioch represents takes on a spirit of antagonism and opposition. (See LYSTRA for a further explanation of this text.)

Speedy as a chariot implies swiftness and a capacity for carrying.

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