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Metaphysical meaning of Cushi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cushi (mbd)
Cushi, cu'-shl (Heb.)--firelike; burned; black; combustible; an Ethiopian.

a Father of the prophet Zephaniah (Zeph. 1:1). b The great-grandfather of Jehudi. Jehudi read the roll, written by Baruch as given him by Jeremiah, to King Jehoiakim, who burnt it (Jer. 36:14).

Meta. The darkness and denseness of material, sensual thought and belief (firelike, burned, black, combustible, an Ethiopian). The fact that the men by this name were Israelites shows that the religious tendencies and desires and the spiritual aspirations of the individual are piercing this darkness; the gloom is giving way to the light of Truth, which will establish spiritual thought and belief.

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