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Metaphysical meaning of Jehudi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehudi (mbd)
Jehudi, je-hu'-di (Heb.)--of Judah, i. e., land of Judea; a Jew; my celebration; my praise; my honor; my conferring; my thanksgiving.

Son of Nethaniah; he was the one who was sent to read to the king the roll containing the words of Jehovah to Jeremiah; the king cut the roll with a penknife and burned it (Jer. 36:14-23).

Meta. A divine idea from the spiritual consciousness in the individual (a Jew here refers to a spiritual thought rather than to some old-established religious thought; see JEWS) to enlighten the will (king) with wise counsel and advice (conferring); this idea is born of the inner praise-and-prayer consciousness, and is for the upliftment (my honor) of the individual who gives it place. (See JEHOIAKIM for ideas as to the meaning of the burning of the roll.)

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