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Metaphysical meaning of Jehoiakim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehoiakim (mbd)
Jehoiakim, je-hoi'-a-kim (Heb.)--whom Jehovah has set up; Jah establishes; whom Jehovah constitutes; endurance of Jehovah.

Son of Josiah. He was made king of Judah in place of his father, by Pharaoh-necoh king of Egypt, and had his name changed from Eliakim to Jehoiakim (II Kings 23:34-36).

Meta. The capacity to establish God in consciousness, through I AM, Jehovah. The king always represents the will.

Jehoiakim, the king, however, was not obedient to God, and so he represents a ruling state of mind that does not reverence or obey the higher law.

The burning of the book of the law, or the "roll" (see Jer. 36), represents the rejection of new and advanced ideas. New ideas are rejected because of the tendency of error thought to become fixed and crystallized. One may keep one's mind open to new revelations of Truth by denying the right and power of carnal mind to hold old ideas, and affirming the receptivity of the Christ mind.

The meaning of giving "another roll" is that the divine law persistently writes again in consciousness the words of Truth that have been rejected. No one escapes the divine law, although one may resist it temporarily.

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