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Metaphysical meaning of Chuzas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chuzas (mbd)
Chuzas (A.V., Chuza), chu'-zas (Gk.)


Herod's steward (Luke 8:3). Chuzas' wife, Joanna, was one of the women followers of Jesus, "who ministered unto them of their substance."

Meta. Herod is the human will, or sense consciousness, in active control in the individual. But when Jesus has been born in one's consciousness, and the Christ Truth is being imparted to the whole man, the faculties of body and soul that have been given over to sense begin to wake up, and to recognize their true origin.

Chuzas (seer), who was the manager of Herod's domestic affairs (his steward), represents the ability to see, or to understand clearly; also to decide and adjust vital matters pertaining to the sense will and its activities. While this capacity seems to be of the intellect or outer wisdom only, it is more closely allied with the God-given soul quality of intuition and discernment (Joanna) than even it has realized, let alone the outer-sense man (Herod).

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