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Metaphysical meaning of leaven (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of leaven (mbd)

Meta. The "leaven" of the Pharisees and of Herod (Mark 8:15) represents limited thoughts. When we attempt to confine the divine law to the customary avenues of expression, and scoff at anything beyond, we are letting the leaven of the Pharisees work in us. When we allow the finer forces of the body to go to fulfill lust and appetite, we are letting the leaven of Herod work to our undoing. When the mind is raised up through affirmations of God's omnipresent substance and life, we are not only fed but there is a surplus. This is the teaching of Jesus, and it has always been exemplified by His faithful followers. It is not the outward demonstration that counts, but the increase of substance in mind and body that always follows the faithful application of the divine law. (See Matthew 13:33 and I Corinthians 5:6,7.) Whatever line of thought is received into consciousness goes on working until it is rooted out by another line of thinking or until it changes one's whole consciousness and manifests fully in the outer life.

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