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Metaphysical meaning of Calah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Calah (mbd)
Calah, ca'-lah (Assyr.)--completed; finished; soundness; firmness; integrity; strength; balanced judgment; an ancient; an old man, i. e., a man whom age and experience have brought to fullness of perfection.

A city in Assyria that was built either by Nimrod or Asshur (Gen. 10:11, with marginal note).

Meta. Calah belongs to the intellectual or mental reasoning plane in man (see ASSHUR and ASSYRIA). It signifies a state of consciousness that is built about the belief that age (as it relates to time) and experience bring balanced judgment and fullness, or perfection. Sense wisdom (the serpent in the garden of Eden) led man to take the way of experience in order to acquire knowledge, in order to become "as God." Because of this choice, man's road to perfection has been long, winding, and thorny; but experience has helped to bring him to the place, or degree of unfoldment, wherein he perceives and is willing to unify himself with his indwelling Spirit of truth, that he may enter into true spiritual understanding and Godlikeness.

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