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Metaphysical meaning of intellectual understanding (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of intellectual understanding (mbd)
intellectual understanding, compared to spiritual understanding.

Meta. Intellectual understanding is understanding gained from teachers and books or from some outer source.

Spiritual understanding is understanding that comes from the quickening of the Spirit of truth within man.

"... There is a spirit in man,And the breath of the Almighty giveth them understanding."

Intellectual understanding is not always false. It may be true in degree, but it is limited to the intellect, and intellect of itself does not grasp universal Truth. It follows the letter and not the spirit, and has no quickening power. When it deals with religion it makes religion materialistic and formal.

The Spirit of truth is the source of true understanding as revealed by Jesus. "When he, the Spirit of truth, is come he shall guide you into all the truth." The Bible is not the source of spiritual understanding; the truths in it can be understood only by one who is under the inspiration of Spirit within himself. The Bible should be studied with the Spirit of truth as guide and teacher. Spirit will lead us back of the letter to the principles of Being and will help us to see the application of those principles to our own individual development.

Many differing sects are formed because the Bible, instead of the indwelling Spirit of truth, is taken as authority thus producing intellectual instead of spiritual understanding.

Intellectual understanding cannot bring about the redemption of man's body because it does not have in it the intelligent principle that lays hold of the flesh with quickening, life-giving, transforming power. Only spiritual understanding can do this and establish a spiritual state of consciousness that will clothe itself with substance, thus forming the imperishable spiritual body.

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