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Metaphysical meaning of Boanerges (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Boanerges (mbd)
Boanerges, bo-a-ner'-ges (N. T. Gk.) --sons of tumult; sons of rage, i. e., soon angry; sons of thunder, i. e., fiery and destructive zeal.

A surname that Jesus gave to two of His disciples, James and John the sons of Zebedee (Mark 3:17).

Meta. That which John and James signify belongs to the solar plexus, or central seat of vibratory activity in the organism, the great emotional center, which extends from the pit of the stomach to the region back of the heart. Jesus' coming is likened to "lightning" that shines from the east even to the west. When the light of the Son, the Christ, shines into man with a force likened to lightning, it sets up vibratory waves between the solar plexus and the cardiac plexus, where John and James have their seats of expression, and the power of both of these faculties, love and judgment, is greatly accelerated in consciousness (they are sons of thunder). I AM, Christ, is the light, or lightning, and the disciples, James and John, Boanerges, sons of thunder, are secondary activities of the I AM.

Upon the first mighty awakening of these two disciples, there is a tendency to hasty judgment and somewhat limited, bigoted love because of impulsive zeal apart from the balance wheel of true understanding and wisdom. One meaning of thunder is a startling or impressive utterance of threat, denunciation, censure, and so forth (see Mark 9:38 and Luke 9:54). So Boanerges may also signify the tendency of the newly awakened follower of Christ to be too zealous in trying to right outer things without understanding the inner law of love, non-resistance, and Truth, which sees good back of all and seeks to save and restore in its adjusting processes rather than to destroy. In the beginning of our active Christian life we are likely to waste much of our energy in zeal without wisdom; later we learn to conserve our substance and to think, speak, and act in love and understanding at all times.

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