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Metaphysical meaning of Zebedee (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zebedee (mbd)
Zebedee, zeb'–e–dee (Gk. fr. Heb.) – Jehovah has given; Jah is endower; dowry of Jah; presentation of Jehovah; my dowry.

Father of James and John, who were two of the disciples of Jesus Christ (Matt. 4:21). This name is taken from Zabdi; Zebadiah is a form of the same name.

Meta. See ZABDI and ZEBADIAH for the significance of Zebedee.

Personal ambition trying to enter the kingdom is represented in Matthew 20: 20,21 by the attempt of the wife of Zebedee to gain the promise that her two sons, James and John (wisdom and love), should sit, one at Jesus' right hand and the other at Jesus' left, in the kingdom of heaven.

Ambition should not be killed out. It should be exalted. When thus transformed it becomes purely spiritual aspiration, or the desire for spiritual excellence.

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