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Metaphysical meaning of Bildad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bildad (mbd)
Bildad, bil'-dad (Heb.)--Bel has loved; lord Adad; son of contention; son of strife.

One of Job's three friends who came to see him in his affliction and took up an argument against him, in an effort to help set him right (Job 2:11; 8:1).

Meta. The great desire of the partially awakened intellect to contend and strive (son of contention, son of strife) for that which appears right to it, its judgments and decisions being founded more in outer appearances than in Truth. Bel (lord) is the same as Baal, and refers to the attributing of power to the outer formed world. Adad, or Hadad, the chief deity of the Syrians, symbolizes setting up, as all-powerful, the intellect apart from true spiritual understanding. The intellectual thoughts for which the Syrians stand always war against the spiritual consciousness.

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