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Metaphysical meaning of Bethesda (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bethesda (mbd)
Bethesda, be-thes'-då (Heb.)--house of mercy; house of benignity; house of loving-kindness; house of healing.

A pool in Jerusalem, by the sheep gate (John 5:2); it had five porches, which sheltered constantly a multitude of sick folk who expected to receive benefit from the healing virtue that was believed to exist in the waters of this pool at certain periods.

Meta. The point in consciousness where we feel the flow of the cleansing life of Spirit. This "pool," or place in consciousness, is formed by the realization that our life is being constantly purified, healed, and made new by the activity of mind. Physically this is expressed in the purification and upbuilding wrought in the blood when it comes in contact with the oxygen in the lungs. The ebb and flow of the waters of the pool are constantly going on, and when mind is active all the depleted blood corpuscles are purified and renewed.

Sheep represent the natural, innocent expression of spiritual life, and the "sheep gate" is the channel through which this life flows into the organism.

The "five porches" represent the five-sense limitation, which does not realize the power of Spirit. The porches are filled with the multitude of those who are sick, blind, halt, and withered, or with unregenerate thoughts.

"When the water is troubled" typifies the dependence of unawakened man upon certain slow, natural healing processes, which he calls the work of nature. At this stage of man's unfoldment, the "multitude" of weak, sick, infirm thoughts and conditions within him have not received the swift healing power of spiritual I AM.

The healing of the man at the pool represents the power of the I AM (typified by Jesus) to restore the equilibrium of the organism through the activity of spiritual ideas in consciousness, independently of the healing methods utilized by the sense man. The true spiritual healing method is the word of authority, as spoken by Jesus, which must be set into activity. Through the power of the word, the "infirmity" gives place to perfect equalization and strength.

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