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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-ezel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-ezel (mbd)
Beth-ezel, beth-e'-zel (Heb.)--house firmly rooted, i. e., a fixed dwelling; house of the firm seat; house of the right side; house of declivity; a neighbor's house.

A place in Philistia, not far from Samaria. The exact site is not known (Mic. 1:11); it is thought to be identical with the Azel of Zechariah 14: 5.

Meta. A perception of the firm foundation and established place that man has in Being (house firmly rooted, i. e., a fixed dwelling; house of the firm seat). But because the outer sense man (represented by Philistia) is using man's substance and life, his faculties and powers, to further the pleasures of the senses regardless of the welfare of the inner man, man does not manifest according to what he really is in Spirit. He seems rather to go down hill, or retrograde (place of declivity) at times.

The house, or established consciousness of good, that Beth-ezel signifies, belongs to the true, higher self of the individual, and not to his sense life. This true, higher self will be in deed and in truth a real neighbor to the outer man, when the outer acknowledges the rulership of the inner and gives him his rightful abiding place in the consciousness.

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