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Metaphysical meaning of Philistia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Philistia (mbd)
Philistia, phi-lis-t;-å (fr. Heb.)--rolling about; transition; migration; emigration, wandering; deviating from a true course; rejected; infidel.

The land of the Philistines (Psalms 60:8, 83:7).

Meta. The sense realm in man. Rolling about, transition, migration, wandering, deviating from a true course, rejected, infidel, definitions of Philistia, reveal the changeableness, the transitoriness, the error, of the understanding that is founded on the perception of the senses functioning in the outer and established in material belief. The manifestations of the understanding that is based on the senses are just as temporary as the ideas back of them.

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