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Metaphysical meaning of Beer-sheba (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beer-sheba (mbd)
Beer-sheba, be'-er-she'-bå (Heb.)--well of the oath; well of the seven; wellof fulfillment; seventh well.

One of the oldest cities in southern Palestine (Gen. 22:19). It was named from the well that Abraham dug there and the oath that established the covenant made between Abraham and Abimelech (Gen. 21:27-34). It became a city of Judah, in the apportionment of the Promised Land.

Meta. Abraham represents the first activity of the faith faculty in man's consciousness. Abimelech signifies the will, which, though unregenerate at this phase of man's unfoldment, recognizes faith and its attainments (Abraham and his possessions). Abimelech fears that he and his kingdom will be overrun by Abraham and his ever increasing household and goods. On the other hand, Abimelech's servants have taken by force the well that Abraham had dug. This latter means that the life forces, which have been discovered and laid hold of by faith's activity, have been utilized and corrupted by the fleshly man instead of being retained for the use of the mental and spiritual. The covenant between Abraham and Abimelech denotes the establishing of a right relation in consciousness between the spiritual and the seemingly material. The outer man must have his place until such time as the spiritual shall have reached the degree of unfoldment wherein it can transmute the physical into spiritual thought and manifestation.

Beer-sheba represents the establishing of this agreement (well of the oath) between the inner and the outer, wherein faith and its adherents (the higher thoughts of consciousness) are given ample room in the organism and are allowed to retain possession of the well (reservoir of life) that they have been instrumental in bringing to light. On the other hand, the higher thoughts of faith realize that they must not harm or destroy the outer man (Abimelech and his kingdom).

Seventh well, well of the seven, well of fulfillment denotes the fulfillment of the agreement, or oath, that took place at the well--at the place of realization of life and Truth in the subconsciousness. To swear by the seven is to covenant that the thing promised will be fulfilled.

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