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Metaphysical meaning of Atad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Atad (mbd)
Atad, a'-tad (Heb.)--bramble; thorn bush; a thorn.

At the threshing floor of Atad, Joseph and his brethren mourned seven days for their father Jacob, when they were on their way to bury his body (Gen. 50:10). (See ABEL-MIZRAIM .)

Meta. A threshing floor infers a place of judgment or separation, a letting go of that which it is no longer needful to express in consciousness. Atad (bramble, thorn bush, a thorn) represents the belief that vexations trials, and sorrows are real. It is that unredeemed thought or belief in man which causes him to experience deep grief and tribulation in letting go of the personal hold on old ideas and objects that are due to be released from his mind and affairs. This unredeemed belief sees and dwells on the trial phase of the process rather than the blessing side of it. If entertained it makes one's path very thorny.

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