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Metaphysical meaning of Asiarchs (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Asiarchs (mbd)
Asiarchs, a'-si-ärehs (Lat.)--chief of Asia.

Men in the Roman province of Asia who were chosen to preside over the religious ceremonies that were held in honor of their gods and of the Roman emperor (Acts 19:31). These ceremonies were in the nature of very formal sacred games and festivals that took place in the theater; their expense was borne by the Asiarchs. An Asiarch held office for one year only.

Meta. A ruling tendency in man to pay homage to power, whether it is expressed by some individual who has acquired great fame and position and makes a great show of it (the Roman emperor), or whether it is displayed by nature and the elements (the gods of the Romans and of the unenlightened countries ruled by them). Some of the Asiarchs were friends of Paul's. The tendency in man that they represent is quick to recognize and respect anything that is out of the ordinary in the way of power, ability, or character.

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