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Metaphysical meaning of Artemas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Artemas (mbd)
Artemas, är'-te-mas (Gk.)--gift of Artemis; gift of perfection; gift of wholeness.

A follower of Jesus Christ, whom Paul was thinking of sending to Crete to take the place of Titus, so that Titus could come to Paul at Nicopolis (Tit. 3:12).

Meta. Crete means carnal, while Tychicus, whom Paul considered sending to Crete to relieve Titus instead of sending rtemas, represents a belief in fate. Paul seems to have been undecided as to whether it would be best to leave this carnal state of consciousness (Crete) to its fate (Tychicus) for a time, or to send Artemas to it; that is, to seek at that time, through a further use of true, sound words of wholeness and perfection (gift of perfection, gift of wholeness), to lift this carnal state of mind to the spiritual plane.

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