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Metaphysical meaning of Artaxerxes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Artaxerxes (mbd)
Artaxerxes, är-tax-erx'-es (Pers.)--mighty shah; great king; mighty warrior.

King of Persia, and title of various Persian kings (Ezra 4:7). The accounts of King Artaxerxes given in Ezra 4 and 7 may have belonged to two different kings, one of whom was influenced by the Jews' enemies to sign a decree forbidding further work on the wall of Jerusalem and the Temple, while the other Artaxerxes, by the influence of Nehemiah, not only consented to the continuance of the work at Jerusalem but also furnished supplies with which to carry it on.

Meta. The will (great king) ruling in sense consciousness but open to both error and spiritual thought and acting according to whichever appeals most strongly to it at the time.

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