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Metaphysical meaning of Ardon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ardon (mbd)
Ardon, är'-don (Heb.)--fugitive; one wandering about; bewildered. Strictly speaking, fugitive does not express the true significance of this word; a better definition is becoming lost, having lost one's sense of location.

Son of Caleb (I Chron. 2:18).

Meta. A bewildered state of mind. A stirring up of one's thoughts and a somewhat "lost" feeling are very apt to follow bold, zealous, impetuous denials of error and declarations of Truth by faith (Caleb --faith, bold, impetuous, fearless, father of Ardon). The reason for this is that the individual is changing his base. He has become released from certain errors that he had trusted in formerly, but he has not yet entered into spiritual understanding and become established in the Christ consciousness, or consciousness of Truth. Thus he becomes, for the time being, like a ship without a rudder; he scarcely knows what to think or do.

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