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Metaphysical meaning of antichrist (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of antichrist (mbd)
antichrist, an'-t;-chrlst (Gk.)--against Christ; opposed to Christ; instead of Christ.

That which does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (I John 4:2, 3; II John 7; see also I John 2: 18-22) .

Meta. That which denies or opposes the idea that the Christ dwells in and is the true self of each individual (against Christ; the meaning of anti is opposite, against, contrary to).

Those who make the indwelling Spirit of truth their guide and authority will not be deceived by false claims made either by individuals or by institutions. The way to safety is to trust the Spirit of truth continually for protection from false ideas. The "man of sin" is the carnal mind in each individual, and it always opposes and misrepresents the Truth; sometimes it poses as an angel of light and Truth. Every one who overcomes this inner adversary will be saved from all deception that may be practiced by anybody or anything that claims the place of the Lord Jesus Christ. The overthrow of the "man of sin" is promised; to obtain fulfillment of that promise we have only to keep ourselves one with the Spirit of truth.

As an instance of the work of antichrist, we see in the world a very active effort to exalt death and to delude men into believing that death is the way to eternal life in heaven. Such a thought is opposed to Christ, because Jesus came to deliver the human race from death and to fulfill in man God's perfect will: abundant life. Those who are guided by the Spirit of truth understand the life teaching, and are not led astray by any philosophy that makes death and the grave necessary factors in spiritual growth.

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