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Metaphysical meaning of Amam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amam (mbd)
Amam, a'-mam (Heb.)--gathering place.

A city of Judah in the land of Canaan (Josh. 15:26); it was in the extreme south, toward the border of Edom.

Meta. A fixed state of thought in the subconscious mind, and very close to the body consciousness. (Edom refers to the body, or flesh. The south always means below; it usually pertains to the subconsciousness.) It is an assembling place (gathering place) in which a certain phase of subconscious thought force prepares to work out in the body. (Amam is spoken of in connection with Shema --hearing, rumor, and Moladah--birth, generation.) As this thought center is given over to praise and prayer (the city came into the possession of Judah) it is raised to higher and more spiritual expression. Then, instead of working out the results of error in the body, it causes life, health, and good to manifest.

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