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Metaphysical meaning of AlphAeus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of AlphAeus (mbd)
AlphAeus, al-phÆ'-us (Gk.) a successor; a supplanter; a leader; a chief.

a Father of Matthew (Levi), who became a disciple of Jesus Christ (Mark 2:14). b Another AlphÆus was the father of James the Less, a disciple of Jesus, and husband of Mary, a sister of Jesus' mother (Mark 3:18). The Clopas of John 19:25 is believed to be the same person. Compare this text with Luke 24:10 and Matthew 10:3.

Meta. The true spiritual man in us, the Father, in which the will (Matthew) and the faculty of order (James, the son of AlphÆus) had their inception. Our outer man, with all his faculties and powers, his soul qualities and his possibilities, is the child, or product, of spiritual man--the Son, Jehovah God, or Christ who was made in the image and likeness of the great principle of Being --the Father-Mother Mind. So both of these men named AlphÆus represent in a measure the Jehovah God, or Christ, in us who is our spiritual parent, and our leader, or chief. When we recognize this truth, by means of the will (Matthew) we give up our mortal ideas and consecrate ourselves with all our faculties to spiritual expression; then Spirit in us supplants and succeeds the sensual. We are in truth spiritual, and we function naturally only when we function spiritually. (See CLOPAS.)

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